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We weren’t the first Avionics OEM provider in the space, but we are the fastest growing and the happiest. Outside of just loving what we do, here are some reasons why the most significant companies worldwide are choosing to work with us.

since 1992

Avionica has delivered robust, reliable, innovative aviation products and services to diverse customers, including airlines, aircraft, engine and avionics manufacturers, maintenance facilities, regulatory agencies, safety boards, and militaries worldwide

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“Our approach to partnering with the World’s leading communication providers and leveraging their robust infrastructures is different”

we guarantee better technology

We believe successful products and service offerings are conceived through a comprehensive understanding of industry requirements and work closely with our customers to refine concepts into designs. our products succeed through innovation. never an imitation. Our uniquely capable products represent the best value available for the task.

1992 Founded
1993 GP-573
1995 FDR
1996 RSU
1997 AVSCAN.flight
1999 miniQAR
2001 miniQAR 1553
2002 miniQAR MkII
2003 secureLINK
2004 RSU II
2005 satLINK
2006 RSU II OnBoard
2007 Load615 Win
2009 miniQAR MkIII
2010 avCM
2010 avSYNC
2011 avRDC
2012 avWiFi
2014 satLINK MAX
2015 avCM 4G
2018 GE Aviation Digital
2019 Connected Aircraft
2020 avHMU
2021 avCM LTE
2022 satLINK SBB
"At Avionica, building strong relationships with our customers has always been one of our key priorities. Loving what we do, taking calculated risks, and building a strong culture among our employees has fostered these customer relationships and has been the key to our success. Over the last year, with growing challenges in the aviation industry due to COVID-19, Avionica acknowledged that keeping the team intact would secure a bright and stable future for its corporate mission and employees.
Raul, president
Raul Segredo
President, CEO

A Family sharing the same Visions and Values!

Avionica is located in Miami, Florida where our 25, 000 square feet campus houses a knowledgeable family of employees. With our roots in avionics testing, we believe in providing exemplary technical services and support. We hold efficiency and fiscal prudence; we have been profitable every year since our inception and carry no debt.


We Are Responsible To The Company, Customers And Each Other


We Are The Best At What We Do

continuous improvement

We Refine What We Do At Every Opportunity

The Leadership team

Raul, president

Raul Segredo

President, CEO

Our team, led by founder and president Raul Segredo, is dedicated to keeping customers first.

Philip Anderson

Philip Anderson

Chief Financial Officer


Edward Gorman

VP, Engineering

Claudia Espinosa

Claudia Espinosa

VP, Commercial


Randall Gifford

VP, Operations and Services

Scott Ridge

Scott Ridge

VP, Products

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Raul, president

Raul Segredo

President, CEO

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