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Privacy Policy

Avionica does not collect personal information of our customers, unless it is strictly required for the normal course of business.

In general, extremely little information on or about individual people is needed for our business. It is limited to the usual details such as name, phone number, e-mail address, and job title of people directly involved with a business contact. Some people may have access to Avionica backend systems, for which they have a username and a password. Avionica keeps these passwords in an encrypted format and guards these systems according to industry standard best practices.

In particular, for the Bring Your Own Device satLINK Mobile applications for smartphones, Avionica does not collect any personal information of the actual end-user. The aircraft installation is unaware of who connects to it, only of the assigned phone number and security credentials which are airline-specific, not person-specific. The aircraft installation does not store phone call content.

In some cases, a log is kept of dialed phone numbers over all Iridium channels and of incoming phone numbers over the same channels. This same optional log retains all ACARS-over-Iridium messages in raw format. These logs may be downloaded to the avSYNC backend service, where they will be made available to the airline.

On the smartphone, the end-user may enable call recording and other features that may leave details of the placed and answered phone calls on the phone itself. These files will not be transferred to the aircraft or the avSYNC backend. Some phones may be managed by airline IT services, which may enable the airline to gain access to these files when the phone connects to a network outside the aircraft.