Passenger Solutions​

Cabin User Experience

Connectivity Solutions

Fly anywhere with globally reliable communications while also lowering costs

Avionica’s satellite communications solutions offer truly global, reliable, real-time data and voice communications from basic voice and position reports to complete FANS-1/A integration.

Connectivity Services

Inmarsat global Xpress Coverage

Inmarsat’s Ka service provides broad band IP connectivity for passenger devices over Inmarsat’s I-5 satellite networks.

Viasat Ka and Ku service

Viasat’s Ka and Ku services provide broad band IP connectivity for passenger devices over Viasat’s Ka and Ku satellite networks.

SmartSky ATG service

SmartSky’s air-to-ground (ATG) WiFi network for aviation delivers unprecedented speed and capacity, creating a best-in-class experience that allows users to do everything in the air that they take for granted on the ground.

Inmarsat SBB service

Inmarsat’s Swift Broad Band service provides near global communications for aircraft crew over Inmarsat’s I-4 satellite network.  Services includes voice communications (both safety voice and AOC voice) as well as a datalink communications meeting FANS requirements

Iridium service

Iridium aviation solutions provide reliable global coverage for aircraft of any size, anywhere.  With solutions that help improve safety, streamline operations, and allow for efficient communications between crew, ground personnel and air traffic control to support both Safety Voice and FANS operations.