Connected Aircraft Solutions

Customized end-to-End Solutions

Commercial Airlines Solutions​

Avionica enables commercial customers to accelerate ROI achieved on connected aircraft investments with solutions allowing customers to “install once, activate later”.  This includes flight data solutions for airline FOQA and MOQA programs, and provide flight crew solutions for communications and EFB programs.


"Miles Up, Never Alone"

Business Aviation Solutions​

Avionica helps business operators keep their “Miles up, Never Alone” with solutions enabling them to:

  • fly anywhere safely and reliably
  • continue their passengers’ digital life throughout the flight
  • enable services with low latency flight data.

FOQA / Flight Safety, MOQA / Maintenance & FDM

Communications & Onboard Application Platform

VoIP,  Email, Web browsing, VPN, Web meetings…

Maintenance Support

Over 30 years, Avionica has been providing ground support equipment and flight data readout services in support of our customers’ maintenance departments.

30 years of providing maintenance support


DFDR Ground Replay

(PTI) cables

Ruggedized Tablet


DFDR Readout

Repair station