Flight data solutions

Low latency, reliable flight data

FOQA Solutions

Flight Operations Quality Assurance ​

Aircraft Operators are constantly working to reduce risk and improve safety through Flight Data Monitoring programs. In addition, regulatory agencies around the world are requiring FDM programs for operations within their jurisdiction.

Avionica’s automated Flight Data Management Services deliver more data, faster with less cost to operate. Our comprehensive airborne hardware and global data transfer systems ensure flight safety managers have the complete flight operations environment picture at their finger tips.

Outcomes Enabled ​

MOQA Solutions

Maintenance Operations Quality Assurance ​

Take your maintenance program to the next level with modern predictive analytics systems which provide early fault detection of aircraft systems before they impact your flight operations.

Effective predictive maintenance systems require modern data recording systems which reliably deliver high fidelity flight data within minutes of arrival.

Avionica’s flight data recording systems can go beyond the standard flight data bus to deliver continuous operational data of the whole aircraft.

Outcomes Enabled ​

Low latency, reliable flight data

Timing is everything. When your aircraft is AOG, you need data now.

When evaluating the right flight data management system for your operations, consider that the latency of flight data transmission will impact the effectivity of the program it supports.

FOQA programs can easily adapt to flight data which deliver 95% of flight data within 24 hours of flight arrival. However, effective MOQA programs require data faster and more reliably with at least 98% of flight data within 1 hour of arrival.

Between 8 to 24 hours after landing 100%
Between 1 to 8 hours after landing 98%
Between 0 to 1 hour after landing 94%

In AOG events you need the data within minutes of arrival.

Avionica’s Flight data management service combines the latest in IP connectivity with a robust cloud based global network that ensures the fastest data delivery available on the market today.