Unlocking the Power of avSYNC for Superior Aircraft Data Management


In the rapidly advancing world of aviation, efficient data management is crucial. Avionica’s avSYNC suite is revolutionizing how aircraft data is synchronized and managed, ensuring safety, reliability, and efficiency for commercial airlines and business aviation alike.

The avSYNC Suite: Immediate Automated Data Synchronization

Designed with over 30 years of expertise in aviation safety and efficiency, avSYNC is a cloud-based service that provides immediate automated data synchronization. This service ensures that flight data is downloaded to a land-based server within 15 minutes of landing. This swift process supports various communication technologies, such as Cellular, Ku/Ka, ATG, and ACARS, making it a versatile solution for diverse flight operations.

The Benefits of avSYNC

The avSYNC suite offers several compelling benefits:

  • Simplicity: avSYNC simplifies the data transfer process, allowing robust and reliable data transmission within a short timeframe.
  • Reliability: With a transfer success rate of approximately 99.8%, avSYNC ensures that your data reaches its destination without fail.
  • Security: Utilizing Microsoft Azure’s security and scalability, avSYNC guarantees secure data transfers, protecting sensitive flight operations quality data.

avSYNC-Enabled Products

Avionica’s suite includes powerful tools such as the miniQAR, Onboard Network Server (ONS), and Remote Data Concentrator (RDC). Each of these products is enhanced with avSYNC connectivity, providing seamless data management and synchronization capabilities. The integration with avSYNC ensures that your aircraft avionics systems are always up-to-date and functioning optimally.

Secure and Scalable Data Transfer

Data security is paramount in aviation. avSYNC employs a robust process using Microsoft’s Azure platform to ensure that all data transfers are secure and efficient. The service establishes a VPN connection to the avSYNC platform, performs a check-in, and transfers files to customer-specific Blob storage. This geo-specific storage ensures that data is accessible, confidential, and protected against unauthorized modifications.

Data is stored in separate Azure Blob Storage accounts per tenant, utilizing 256-bit AES encryption.

System resilience is maintained using production grade tools from Microsoft Azure. Applications are run on Azure Kubernetes system with multiple instances per service for redundancy. Data is stored in Azure geo-redundant storage. SQL databases are also geo-redundant with frequent backups, with an RPO of 10 minutes.

Global Cellular Service Coverage

One of the standout features of avSYNC is its global cellular service coverage. Avionica provides coverage across various global zones, ensuring that your data can be transferred reliably no matter where your aircraft operates. From the United States to Ukraine, avSYNC’s cellular service is available in numerous countries, making it a truly global solution.

Why Choose avSYNC?

Choosing avSYNC means partnering with a trusted advisor and innovator in the aviation industry. Avionica’s commitment to improving aviation safety and efficiency is evident in every aspect of the avSYNC service. With avSYNC, you can streamline your flight operations quality and ensure that your aircraft data is managed with the highest level of security and reliability.

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In today’s fast-paced aviation industry, managing aircraft data efficiently and securely is crucial. Avionica’s avSYNC suite offers a reliable, secure, and scalable solution for all your data synchronization needs. Get a quote today and see how avSYNC can transform your flight operations.