Avionica Revolutionizes Business Jets with Pin-for-Pin Installation for Manual QAR Upgrades

Miami, FL. October 19, 2023 – Avionica, a trailblazing force in data capture technology since 1999, announces a groundbreaking innovation aimed at transforming the upgrade process for manual Quick Access Recorders (QARs). With a remarkable track record of over 9,000 aircraft installations featuring both manual and wireless miniQARs, Avionica continues to redefine industry standards.

Recognizing the intricate challenges associated with upgrading from traditional QAR systems, Avionica introduces a unique and efficient solution designed to minimize disruption and maximize efficiency. This revolutionary approach leverages the existing wiring infrastructure already in place on business jets, ensuring a seamless upgrade process.

Avionica’s well-established AML STC, covering more than 450 aircraft types, provides a rock-solid guarantee for a hassle-free installation experience, unleashing the power of immediate data transfer and analytics.

The Key Features and Benefits that operators will experience include:

Efficiency Boost:

  • Utilize existing provisions for swift plug-and-play replacements.
  • Drastically reduce installation times to under 2 hours in most scenarios.

Rapid Deployment for All:

  • Opt for overnight installations, ensuring FOQA/MOQA-enabled aircraft by daybreak.
  • Accelerate data collection and safety programs for lone operators or fleet managers.

Preservation & Clarity:

  • Embrace streamlined maintenance by capitalizing on OEM provisions.
  • Retain the aircraft’s original configuration where possible.
  • Eliminate unnecessary confusion for maintenance teams and bolster long-term maintainability.

Adrian Freixas, Director of Aircraft Engineering, shares his insight on this groundbreaking innovation: “Responding to our customers’ needs for more straightforward retrofit solutions for outdated manual QARs, we’ve introduced a streamlined installation process to enable immediate flight data capture. Leveraging our extensive experience with over 2,000 installed Wireless QARs, this innovation is designed to minimize downtime and lower maintenance costs, aligning with our commitment to providing practical solutions that enhance efficiency and reliability.”

Avionica continues to lead the way in advancing aviation technology, delivering solutions that empower operators with enhanced efficiency, reliability, and immediate access to critical flight data.

About Avionica

Headquartered in Miami for 30 years and privately held, Avionica is a world leader in aircraft data collection and data transmission manufacturer, designing and producing innovative, safety-qualified, state-of-the-art solutions that are revolutionizing air transportation. Avionica is a world leader in innovative, miniaturized aircraft data collection and wireless data transmission equipment*. More than 9,000 of Avionica’s Quick Access Recorders (QAR) have been delivered around the world, with Supplemental Type Certification (STC) earned on more than 400 models, including air transport, business, and general aviation aircraft.

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