Avionica Unveils Discreteless Data Recording Functionality on all Business Jet Aircraft

Miami, FL. October 18, 2023 – Today, Avionica, a pioneer in data delivery for aircraft for over 31 years, proudly announced that they are releasing Discreteless Data Recording Functionality, available for all business jet aircraft. This innovative approach enables operators to leverage current aircraft wiring, extracting values directly from Flight Data and enabling simplified 4-wire installations.

Avionica has been at the forefront of data transmission and a leader in immediate data delivery on over with 2,000 tails integrated into their avSYNC platform. The introduction of Discreteless Data Recording represents a leap forward in simplifying the transition from conventional QAR systems, addressing challenges posed by specific transmission interlocks.

The advantage for operators is compelling. Avionica can now deliver Rapid Custom Data Packages, tailoring data for specific installations to enhance fleet performance. With the patent-pending technology designed by Avionica, upgrading data transfer systems is effortlessly modernized.

Avionica’s streamlined approach, utilizing 4-wire installations with provisions already in place, allows for swift installation but also ensures quality. Capitalizing on this feature, operators can jumpstart their FOQA/MOQA program overnight, eliminating the need for prolonged service checks.

Avionica Vice President of Engineering, Ed Gorman, provided perspective: “When a customer challenged Avionica to equip hundreds of aircraft in just 8 hours each, we realized we needed to transform our entire approach to QAR installations. It was not just about meeting the challenge but finding a simpler, faster way. The outcome was our ‘discreteless’ solution. Now, over 100 aircraft benefit from our innovative system, and we’re adding to that number daily.”

By minimizing components, the Avionica design ensures fewer points of failure, translating to a more dependable system and provided enhanced reliability.

“Our ability to install quickly not only reduces aircraft downtime for customers but also facilitates prompt delivery of real-time analytics, enabling operators to make faster and more informed decisions,” said Vice President of Commercial, Claudia Espinosa.

Operators who are interested in exploring this innovative solution can connect with Avionica this week during the National Business Aircraft Association Convention at booth C12239 in Las Vegas, Nevada.