Avionica. LLC. joins forces with Jana Inc. during Paris Airshow 2023 to deliver Innovative Solutions for Avionics Integration .

June 21, 2023 Miami, FL.

🌟 Exciting Partnership Announcement 🌟


Avionica, LLC, has joined forces with JANA, Inc. This partnership marks a significant #milestone for both companies as we embark on a journey of collaboration and growth.

With JANA’s three decades of expertise in managing avionics integration, this partnership brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to our organization.

Through this strategic alliance, Avionica, LLC Integration teams will benefit from JANA’s exceptional services in #STC Design, #Certification, and ODA Services. These additional capabilities will further strengthen our ability to deliver innovative solutions and top-notch avionics integration services to our valued customers.

We firmly believe that this partnership will unlock new avenues of success and enable us to provide even greater value to the aviation industry. Together, we will continue pushing boundaries, driving excellence, and shaping the future of avionics integration.

Join me in extending a warm welcome to Jana as we embark on this exciting journey together. Together, we will soar to new heights!

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