Avionica and ERGOSS Partner to Deliver Revolutionary Joint SaaS Cloud-Based Immediate Flight Data Management Solution

Miami, FL. October 18, 2022—Today, Miami-based Avionica, LLC. and French Aviation Software Developer of the SARA solution, ERGOSS, announced a product partnership to deliver the first-ever fully plug-and-play SasS cloud-based solution for Flight Data Management/Flight Operations aircraft requirements. The product offering will be co-branded as avSARA.

The avSARA solution will be the first and only fully plug & play solution for aircraft operators to meet their FDM/FOQA requirements. The solution will enable users to switch pre-configured recorders on and have robust and reliable data within 15 minutes of landing. Information accessible includes flight data, platform analysis, statistical reports, and 4D replay of all flights for any aircraft in your fleet.

“With our creative spirit for flexible and scalable recording systems and the integration of the SARA solution, the collaboration was an easy decision”, said Claudia Espinosa, Avionica VP of Commercial.  “This additional value-add will only enhance our existing seamless connected aircraft solutions for our customers and bring immediate flight analytics to our operators”, added Espinosa.

Both Avionica and ERGOSS are two companies dedicated to aircraft data processing and agree that if you want to efficiently process aircraft data and translate it to actionable data, their joint seamless solution will provide the best option.

“Since 2010, we had the ambition to be able to propose this type of offer, and now it became concrete and a fully functional reality, built by the association of two companies with the same values in terms of customer support, flexibility, adaptation, and responsiveness”, said ERGOSS CEO, Fabrice Tricoire.

A major advantage of this joint product offering is that operators who have not previously utilized the Avionica or SARA products can quickly integrate because each component, hardware, or software will work universally with the products of other market players.

This week during the NBAA in Orlando, Florida, Avionica will be exhibiting at booth 1751 and unveiling this offering, co-hosting with the ERGOSS Team. All operators that are looking for rapid access to their aircraft data, should schedule a meeting with their teams.

About Avionica
Headquartered in Miami for 30 years and privately held, Avionica is a world leader in aircraft data collection and data transmission manufacturing, designing and producing innovative, safety-qualified, state-of-the-art solutions that are revolutionizing air transportation. Avionica is a world leader in innovative, miniaturized aircraft data collection and wireless data transmission equipment*. More than 9,000 of Avionica’s Quick Access Recorders (QAR) have been delivered around the world, with Supplemental Type Certification (STC) earned on more than 300 models, including air transport, business, and general aviation aircraft.  For more information, visit www.avionica.com. Connect with us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.


ERGOSS is the publisher of the SARA suite, which is the most advanced and innovative software solution for all aspects of aircraft data processing, analysis, and distribution. This suite includes SARA.FDM : for state-of-the-art Flight Data Analysis / FOQA; SARA.TECH: for maintenance data analysis and predictive decision making / MOQA; SARA.PWI : the interface that allows each pilot to individually access their data and trends and above all to replay all their flights to feed operational exchanges and feedback from an immersive 4D experience ERGOSS teams are present in the United States (Miami, FL), Europe (Toulouse) and Asia (Taiwan, Shanghai) and include some of the best experts in the field of aircraft data analysis and software development as well as high-level experts in the field of flight operations.

The company was founded in 2009 and quickly proved its technological lead by providing a data analysis engine capable of processing large volumes of data very quickly but also capable of exceptionally fine (bit-by-bit) analysis to assist accident investigations (the SARA solution has already been used in three aircraft accidents). SARA.FDM was the very first solution designed entirely for web computing, and we have established the standards that inspire most of the industry today.

To maintain our lead, ERGOSS dedicates a sizable portion of our resources to R&D in a flexible and agile structure. ERGOSS is independent and invests in its evolution and expansion with its own funds.

ERGOSS DNA is Aircraft Flight Data Analysis and Monitoring, along with the best-in-class operational support in the market