Global Aircraft Connectivity Leader, Avionica Names Industry Veteran as Vice President of Product & Services

Miami, FL. March 22, 2021—Today, Avionica has announced. the promotion of aviation industry veteran, Scott Ridge,
as their new Vice President of Product and Services. In this newly created position, Ridge will be putting more focus on building the right products and services for customers and bringing new business models to the industry. Demands from turbulent times within the aviation industry has driven focus to more customized offerings for clients.

Ridge joined Avionica four months ago and was tasked with establishing a strong partner and dealer network. His efforts and leadership have proven successful. Ridge has worked for major OEM’s, commercial airlines, and an aviation software startup. “I’m really excited to join the Avionica family. I’ve worked with Avionica for a few years and have always admired the passion and energy they put into improving the aviation industry”, said Ridge.

“Avionica is extremely excited to have Scott be part of the team and step into this new role”, said Raul Segredo, founder, and CEO of Avionica. “His nearly four decades of aviation experience will bring a strong operator focus to our proven leadership team,” Segredo further added.

Avionica has been an innovation leader which is woven into Avionica’s culture. With Ridge focusing on these efforts, Avionica will be able to reach new goals and expand value for the

customer. This customer focus will further help to create and launch future new offerings.

About Avionica

Headquartered in Miami for 30 years and privately held, Avionica is a world leader in aircraft

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