Avionica and ASM Team Up for Innovative Release with satLINK MAXTM

Miami, FL. March 25, 2021— Avionica and Aircraft Systems and Manufacturing, Inc. (ASM), a wholly- owned subsidiary of JANA, Inc., announced the certification approval of a new FAA STC for installation of the Avionica satLINK MAXTM Iridium SATCOM system with avRDC MAXTM Remote Data Concentrator/Quick Access Recorder for the Airbus A320 series of aircraft.

Developed for the world’s first operator of the A321P2F series aircraft, this modification provides the aircraft operator voice/data communications with cellular gate link and future flight deck wireless connectivity for real-time transmission of flight operations and maintenance quality assurance data.

Operators across the world are constantly searching for ways to improve outcomes and reduce unpredicted maintenance events. “The DATACOM solution that Avionica and ASM are presenting to the market will be a game changer for companies that want to take advantage of the many benefits enabled by pairing a powerful RDC/QAR with the global reach of the Iridium SATCOM system,” said Claudia Espinosa, Vice President of Commercial for Avionica. Espinosa further added, “It provides increased functionality and reliability to in-flight operational communications, which results in increased efficiency in the scheduling and performing of aircraft maintenance – ultimately leading to decreased downtime and the increased aircraft availability that follows.”

As an FAA PMA-approved manufacturer, ASM provides this solution with comprehensive installation provisions kits and optional supply of the required LRU equipment, along with full OEM warranty and support from Avionica. Expansion of the approved design to interface with Avionica’s avWiFi onboard network server will be certified in Summer 2021 through ASM’s recently appointed FAA Organization Designation Authorization (ODA-834704-SW) with planned integration to support upgrade of existing FANS architectures in the near-term.

Pete Chilsen, ASM’s Vice President of Sales, believes that ASM is the perfect partner company to assist Avionica in bringing this full-system solution to market. “Our talented design team and our designation as an ODA gives innovative companies like Avionica a new expedited path forward in getting their equipment approved for installation in new airframes, like this one for the A320 series.” Chilsen further commented, “A powerful new set of communications options is now available to hundreds of aircraft owners thanks to a solid STC built around an exceptionally strong and flexible piece of avionics equipment.”

For more information, please follow this link to learn more on the Avionica satLINK MAXTM Iridium SATCOM system here. To view details on the ASM STC, please click here.

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