Avionica Raises Bar for Transmission of QAR Data Via Cellular with avSYNC 2.0


MIAMI, FL – November 15, 2018 – Avionica has improved its avSYNC service to make FOQA (Flight Operational Quality Assurance) requirements easier for airlines and commercial flight operators. The new avSYNC 2.0 is cloud-based with a private and secure network for transmitting flight data using worldwide cellular and local Wi-Fi networks. avSYNC still downloads Quick Access Recorder (QAR) data for customers and sends it to FOQA providers’ servers for analysis.

“Aviation has become increasingly data-centric, with aircraft generating gigabytes of flight and maintenance data annually,” said Avionica COO Anthony Rios. “The result has been a steady increase in workload for Maintenance, Engineering and IT departments. avSYNC 2.0 allows operators to streamline their processes, reduce workload, increase the amount of useable data available, and ultimately save money.”
Avionica’s avSYNC 2.0 works with the company’s suite of wireless data collection and management products to provide a comprehensive, secure, and time-tested data management service for commercial flight departments. The secure system is hosted within the Microsoft Azure cloud with full geo-redundancy of data. Other features of avSYNC 2.0 include:
• Secure User authentication to web portal.
• QAR-specific data can be kept in Azure Blob storage location selected by the customer.
Modular design brings together downloader, combines work flow, post processing work flow and data delivery.
• Azure’s Software as a Service (SaaS) makes avSYNC 2.0 scalable to support any number of devices.
• Data can be delivered to multiple locations.
Part of a new product line that will sync data and messaging to and from the aircraft.
“This is another way Avionica and GE Aviation are teaming to provide easy and affordable solutions for our customers” said Sean Reilly, Avionica vice president of Business Development. “Whether you operate one aircraft or 500, avSYNC 2.0 provides users with one low fixed cost per aircraft for downloading flight data. With avSYNC 2.0, you can rest assured knowing your data will be delivered quickly, securely, and in the same format it was generated.”


About Avionica
Avionica is a world leader in innovative, miniaturized aircraft data collection and wireless data transmission equipment*. They have delivered more than 8,000 Quick Access Recorders (QAR)around the world with Supplemental Type Certification on more than 300 aircraft models including air transport, business and general aviation aircrafts. Headquartered in Miami for 25 years, Avionica is a world leader in aircraft data collection and data transmission manufacturer, designing and producing innovative, safety-qualified, state of the art solutions that are revolutionizing air transportation. For more information, visit www.avionica.com. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


*Avionica’s wireless data collection system measures 99.5% smaller than comparable wireless Quick Access Recorders (QAR) while weighing 97% less. The size feature makes the miniQAR compatible with any rotary and fixed-wing airframe in operation today.