Avionica, L2 Secure AML-STC for MiniQAR Installs




April 11, 2018 | by Matt Thurber


The FAA has granted an approved model list (AML) STC for installation of Avionica’s miniQAR (quick-access recorder) and 4G cellular transmission module on Part 23 turboprops and jets.
The combination of Avionica’s miniQAR MkIII and avCM 4G Cellular Module enables operators to transmit flight data while on the ground and connected to a local cellular network, anywhere in the world. The avCM can also facilitate in-flight entertainment system and electronic flight bag updates, and operational datalink communications. The miniQAR can store up to 3,000 hours of flight data.
The AML-STC covers popular airplanes such as Part 23 Cessna Citations and the Beechcraft King Air series, HondaJet, Phenom 100 and 300, Pilatus PC-12, and more.
L2 did the engineering design and project management and Avionica, in collaboration with L2, obtained certification for the miniQAR and avCM system.
“There is growing need for data solutions in all classes of aircraft, and the popular Avionica miniQAR and avCM Cellular Module will make for safer operations and may enable FOQA programs for Part 23 aircraft with newly available data,” said L2 Aviation vice president of operations Dean Rudolph.


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