Korean Air Selects satLINK MAX

— Meets Flight Tracking Requirements for Korea’s Civil Aviation Authority —


MIAMI – January 19, 2018 – Korean Air has selected Avionica’s satLINK MAX to meet flight tracking requirements mandated by South Korea’s Office of Civil Aviation (KOCA) that take effect in 2018. Installation of Avionica’s satLINK MAX Iridium SATCOM have been completed on several of Korean Air’s fleet of 55 Boeing 737 aircraft. Fleet wide installation is expected to be complete by the end of 2018


“We’re proud to add Korean Air to our growing list of global airline customers,” said Raul Segredo, president of Avionica. “We know there are several solutions available for aircraft tracking with 15-minute or one-minute position reports as mandated by the KOCA starting next year, but we believe our satLINK MAX is the most capable and cost effective of all the options.”


Avionica’s satLINK MAX Iridium SATCOM is lightweight with simple installation resulting in minimal aircraft time on ground. It complies with the next-generation Iridium SATCOM and can successfully transfer current Avionica satLINK content to the new 737MAX aircraft being delivered to Korean Air next year with no wiring modification needed.


Industry flight tracking recommendations require position reporting every 15 minutes in normal operations.  However, in abnormal operations, ICAO’s Global Aeronautical Distress Safety System (GADSS) includes Autonomous Distress Tracking (ADT) recommendations for up to one minute. This is a requirement that existing HF Data link (HFDL) systems are unable to meet reliably.


“Avionica’s, lightweight, safety-service approved satLINK MAX is the best solution to provide the performance necessary to track aircraft to within six nautical miles of precision,” said Anthony Rios, vice president of Sales at Avionica. “Korean Air will also realize significant savings on their SATCOM operational cost with Iridium.”


In order to achieve the most precise aircraft tracking, Korean Airlines will also add FANS and ATS Safety Voice communications to these B737 aircraft. With this, Korean Airlines can now receive preferred flight routing as the North Pacific flight control centers increasingly adopt FANS flight management communications systems.


“We are very proud to partner with Korean Air in challenging the industry with better flight data and communications solutions. Korean Air’s confidence in Avionica is a testament to the exceptional products and value Avionica delivers to its airline customers,” said Rios.


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