Avionica ‘s products succeed through innovation, never imitation. Our uniquely capable products represent the best value available for the task.

Our Ruggedized Service Unit (RSU) revolutionized the industry, interfacing to all major OEM flight data recorders, and providing both data download and real-time, engineering-unit data monitoring. RSU users upload collected data to their servers via telephone or Ethernet links, eliminating removal, logistics, and re-certifications costs, while reducing spares requirements.

AVSCAN, our acclaimed flight data analysis software, complements the RSU with support for all major OEM recorder data formats. Raw data remains unmodified, so parameter definitions can be refined without extensive recalculation or data loss. AVSCAN is an integrated analysis environment, with an advanced graphical parameter editor, a comprehensive parameter definition format, and a straightforward event definition language that makes analysis a snap!

Our miniQAR is hailed as THE world’s smallest, yet most powerful Quick-Access Recorder. Its first incarnation yielded an amazing 500,000+ hours MTBF. Mark-II, released in 2003, features support for Harvard Bi-phase, Bipolar, MIL-1553, and RS-232 data, with over 3000 hours data capacity… all in a 5.5 oz. (156 gr.) package. Installation seldom requires tools, or any aircraft modification. It features fast USB 2.0 downloads and rear-connector Ethernet for direct communications to a wireless gateway or onboard server.

Join us now, as we introduce new concepts in flight data management for the 21st century.


miniQAR Mk III



Flight Data Services


Record up to two ARINC 717 channels and up to three ARINC-429 channels. Three RS 422/232 programmable channels are available to support ACMS event recording. Download options including Ethernet, onboard Ethernet, and Wireless via secureLINK WiFi or 3G Wireless GSE Module, enable operators to customize download methods to best fit FOQA/FDM programs and schedule requirements


secureLINK enables secure, wireless transfer of data to and from the aircraft, eliminating the cost and delay of traditional aircraft media such as paper charts, optical disks, PCMCIA cards, USB keys, etc. secureLINK establishes an authenticated and encrypted log-on automatically as the aircraft enters the system’s 802.11 wireless network.


The Iridium™ data and voice communications management module. satLINK provides an Iridium™ satellite-based data communications alternative in the absence of HF, VHF or Inmarsat™ system coverage. Truly global, reliable, affordable, real-time data and voice communications are finally possible.

Flight Data Services

Avionica has been providing expert Flight Data Analysis Services and Incident Investigation for over 15 years. We use AVSCAN, our analysis software, to provide analysis services for a worldwide fleet of approximately 1000 aircraft of all types.



Load615A Dataloader

USB Load615Win


AVSCAN is so much more than a DFDR Data Ground Replay System. From its core architecture to its user interface and rich feature set, AVSCAN.flight has steadily grown to become the benchmark for flight data analysis.

RSUII Docked

The 2nd Generation Ruggedized Service Unit; a universal handheld Windows XP - tablet computer supporting flight data download, real-time monitoring, ARINC 429 databus analysis, ARINC 615 dataloading, and more...

615a Dataloader

Avionica’s LOAD615AWin High Speed Ethernet Data Load application supports data loading of ARINC 615A devices such as the Boeing Class III Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) and Airbus ATSU.

USB 429 Adapter Interface

Avionica introduces the industry’s first USB 2.0 ARINC 615 Data Loader. Avionica’s 615 Data Loader provides groundbreaking performance over a USB 2.0 Interface at an affordable price.